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Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Systematic Review and Meta Analysis

Select a systematic review with meta-analysis from a peer reviewed journal. This systematic review with meta-analysis must have relevance to your PICOT question. Address the following for the discussion based on this study (post your response with numbers for clarity). Be thorough in your responses.

  1. Give the study reference in APA format.
  2. What was the aim of the systematic review?
  3. Was the validity of studies addressed appropriately? Explain?
  4. Describe how the studies were combined and were they combined appropriately?
  5. How large was the intervention of treatment effect?
  6. Based on your area of clinical practice uncertainty and PICOT question, what clinical recommendations would be supported by the data from this systematic review?

1 page single paced, no cover sheet, only reference page. Intext Citations and I am providing the article.

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