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WRTG394 UMUC Advanced Business Writing & Analyzing Sample Research

Week 4




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Discuss: analyzing a sample final report — “L’Amore USA”

Must post first.

Please peruse the sample research-based report, “L’Amore.” You can access it from Content for Week 4.

Then answer the following questions in your initial post to this forum (due Thursday, Feb. 7th):

  • The author of this paper connected writing assignment #1 to writing assignment #4. What evidence do you see that the author made this connection?
  • Analyze the graphic on page 5. Do you think it could be improved? How? If you don’t think it needs improvement, comment on why you think it is a strong graphic in its current form.
  • Which type of research—secondary research or primary research—helps this report more? Please pick one of these two choices. Then write a couple of sentences explaining your answer.
  • On page 5, the author writes, “After the survey was completed the facilitator met with the participants requesting their feedback on the format and clarity of each example.” Based on this sentence, some additional analysis could have been integrated into the paper. What additional analysis could have been integrated? And please explain how it might have strengthened the report.

No peer replies due to this forum; you are welcome to engage with peers as you like though!

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Discuss: Preparing a Research Report Proposal (Memo, WA#3) & Research-Based Report (WA#4)

Must post first.

Your third assignment in WRTG 394 involves making a proposal (in the form of a Memo) about the topic for your research report. You should focus on the following as you prepare your report:

1) Being specific – your assignment directions (located in the assignment area of the classroom) give you good examples of ways in which you can make sure that you are proposing a solution to a specific problem. You must answer the question, “How will MY workplace or community (this should be narrowly defined as your neighborhood, apartment community, base housing community, etc.) be made better by the solution(s) I recommend?”

2) Identify a specific decision maker (or makers if, for example, you are proposing a solution to a workplace issue in your department that might require action by the HR director as well as your dept. head). Examples of such persons might be your apartment community manager, the director of base housing where you are stationed, your department head in your workplace, your commander for your military unit.

3) Use primary research (REQUIRED) – interviews with co-workers, surveys with coworkers, photographs showing a problem like the need for recycling or going to a paperless office, screen captures showing the large numbers of emails employees must deal with on a daily basis, and other primary research relevant to your problem in your workplace or community.

4) Use a visual of some kind (REQUIRED) – you could make a simple table, chart or graph (your own original creation, not simply copied from a secondary source such as a book or article or photographs).

This assignment can be invaluable to you in preparing for your research report. Note what the assignment directions say:

You will find that writing up the proposal will be invaluable in eventually putting together your final research-based report. You will be able to apply the scholarly research you conducted for writing assignment #2 to your specific proposal and evidence of the problem that you have gathered for writing assignment #3.

For this discussion post you should post the following, with your initial post to this forum due Thursday, Feb. 7th:

1) A paragraph in which you describe the problem you are presenting in your Memo (and report) and the solution you are proposing, as well as the audience (a specific decision maker(s)) mentioned above;

2) A sample of your visual (this can be revised and improved as you eventually compose the research report).

3) Describe your developed idea for your primary research (survey, interviews, etc.), who you need to ask permission from to do this in actuality, and what timeline will you need to complete this primary research in time to include it in your final report for this course?

*Note that the primary research is in part what you are asking for permission to conduct in your memo, along with generally asking permission to research and compose a full report on a problem and proposed solution to that problem.

4) Respond to at least one classmate’s post substantially by Sunday, Feb. 10th, 11:59pm.

NOTE: This is not your WA#3 assignment. To complete your assignment, review the Memo assignment directions under Week 4 Content, then complete and submit the final assignment in your assignment folder.

Please note that you will not be able to see other students’ responses to this discussion topic until you post your response.

You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads

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