type of questions a researcher poses ultimately informs the choice of a research method

The type of questions a researcher poses ultimately informs the choice of a research method. For this assignment, you should develop a list of five research questions that would require the gathering and analysis of qualitative data to answer. These questions do not have to be related to the proposals you detailed in Sections 1 […]

Topic: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

This week you have learned about common GU and Male Reproductive disorders in the Adult and Geriatric patient. For the purpose of this discussion select one of the following GU and Male Reproductive disorders and provide the following in your initial post: Common Signs and symptoms seen Screening assessment tools Recommended diagnostic tests (if any) […]

National Guidelines Regarding Research on Human Subjects, Institutional Review Boards, and Rough Draft

National Guidelines Regarding Human Subjects’ Research To prepare for this course project submission, read Protection of Human Subjects published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This document outlines the National guidelines regarding the protection of human subjects used in research. Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) As part of the case study, imagine that […]

Stages of Grief

Write a 750-1,000 word paper analyzing Woterstorff’s reflctions in Lament For a Son. In addition, address Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief, as they are expressed throughout Lament for a Son, and respond to the following questions: How does Wolterstorff find joy after his loss? What is the meaning and significance of death in light of […]

Backyard anthropology paper

The goal of this Assignment is to observe an ‘archaeological site’ as an anthropologist would. The student will analyze their observations in terms of themes from the subfield of archaeology such as how it helps frame our understanding of how we can learn more about the human past by studying and interpreting material culture. Description: […]

NUR3165 Miami Dade College IRB Chair Research Simulation Project

Conducting research with strong ethical principles is a critical component of being an effective nurse researcher. In the research simulation activity, which character(s) did you play? What did you learn about ethical principles in research? Are ethics in research clear cut, or do you think there are some gray areas? The research Clinic Simulation Activity. […]

Implementing Change and Effective Leadership Discussion

1.What types of obstacles/objections do leaders face from stakeholders when implementing change within an organization? What strategies can leaders use to work with stakeholders, remove obstacles, and address objections? 2.Describe an ethical dilemma that you experienced, or have witnessed in a change leader, when attempting to initiate change. How was the ethical dilemma resolved? What […]

Rasmussen College Alcohol Poisoning Patient Medical Chart Template

The purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with the components of medical charts in order to understand how they are used in providing good health care. Download and complete this Medical Chart Template for a patient who has alcohol poisoning. The patient demographics and chief complaint have been provided. Please invent […]

Social Versus Human Capital, health & medical homework help

This week’s first discussion forum will focus on the population of abused individuals. Abuse is a pervasive problem in our society. Although the forms of abuse, as well as the intensity and duration can vary from case to case, each abused person is tasked with dealing with the scars left from the abuse. As you […]

UAB Ethical Dilemmas in The News and Informed Consent

Please post an overview of a current event dilemma (from the national news, local, national or international newspaper). Clearly identify the dilemma and explain in what ways this is an ethical dilemma. Which ethical principles are relevant to this event? Are the principles in conflict? If so, which principle is more compelling in this particular […]